Alps Alpine

Alps Alpine’s microfluidic devices are made from high-performance engineering resins cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) and cyclo-olefin copolymer (COC).
COP/COC is one of the ideal materials for microfluidic devices. Bonding, however, posed difficulties given the hydrophobic nature of the molded surface and industry players struggled to overcome them. Alps Alpine’s answer was to develop its very own original bonding method.

Bonding of up to seven COC or COP plates is possible at any one time using this technique, the main feature being the realization of high bonding strength and pressure resistance without using an adhesive. If an adhesive or double-sided tape were used and even just a tiny portion of its constituents separated and found its way into a specimen, toxicity and other factors would make an accurate measurement unobtainable.

Micron-level precision is maintained using advanced mold technology while outstanding bonding strength and integration at the casing failure level is enabled with the ability to withstand 10MPa internal pressure ensuring plates do not come unstuck from the bonding surface. The devices therefore function properly as completely closed devices that do not come unstuck, break or leak when carrying specimens like blood, upholding reliability in testing and analysis.