Zeon Corporation

Since its foundation in 1950, more than 70 years ago, Zeon has consistently provided many of the world’s top-class products by applying our innovative technologies, which demonstrate the power of chemistry as their source.

In 1959, Zeon became the first company in Japan to mass produce synthetic rubbers. We developed a series of products after that, including synthetic rubbers, synthetic latexes, and thermoplastic elastomers, and we applied our adhesion technology toward commercializing a number of products as well. Furthermore, we took the lead in developing our overseas business with a global perspective and focus on Asia, including the manufacturing and processing of synthetic rubbers for fuel-efficient tires and special synthetic rubbers, as well as key automotive security parts. Today, our business encompasses more than fifty Group companies in Japan and overseas.

Business development then accelerated in new fields, demonstrating the challenges we have taken on in developing our proprietary technologies. The products of our Specialty Materials Business, another pillar of Zeon, encompassing specialty plastics, optical films, electronic materials, and materials for lithium-ion batteries, have become indispensable for supporting our modern lifestyles.
Amid the present business environment, subject to dramatic change, we will strive to ensure safe plant operations and deliver reliable quality to customers while remaining committed to protecting the global environment.

(Name)Zeon Corporation
(Established)April, 1950
(Business Descriptions)
Elastomer Business: synthetic rubbers; synthetic latexes and chemicals
Specialty Materials Business: specialty plastics and optical materials; information materials; energy materials; specialty chemicals; polymerized toners and medical products
Others: CNT(single-walled carbon nanotubes)RIM (reaction injection molding) formulation liquid and products, paints, etc.