Asahi Rubber Inc.

Since its foundation in 1970, Asahi Rubber Inc. has continuously proposed products based on our advanced technologies on “color / light control technology”, “surface modification and micro-processing technology” and “material denaturalization technology”.

In addition to an industrial rubber product business, we are confident of a high track record in the medical and life science fields.

In the MPS field, we have developed new technologies to solve customer issues, such as “molecular bonding technology” that integrates rubber and different materials and “super hydrophilic treatment technology” that allows silicone rubber to be affiliated to the human body environment.

We will help you solve your problems by making most of our skills and technologies such as devices that have elasticity and rigidity by laminating metals, resins, ceramics and rubber, and flexible silicone rubber that does not repel blood and test fluids that is free from cytotoxic.