Japan MPS Initiative

MPS (microphysiological systems) have been attracting attention in recent years as novel in vitro evaluation systems with high biomimetic properties. In Europe and the United States, research and development began around 2010, and many MPS suppliers have already provided various types of cells and devices, and pharmaceutical companies have incorporated MPS into their drug research and development.

In Japan, following the AMED-MPS project (FY 2017-2021), the AMED-MPS2 project has been working toward social implementation of MPS from Japan since FY 2022. In addition, the MPS-RS project is in charge of bridging the gap from social implementation to administrative use.

In order to further develop research and development related to MPS and to truly achieve social implementation and administrative use, we believe it is necessary to gather a wide range of opinions from industry, academia, and government, and reflect them in the development of MPS. Therefore, we have established the Japan MPS Initiative as an activity body widely participated by industry, academia, and government to widely accept needs for evaluation systems using MPS, to implement them in society, and to use them for administrative purposes.